We’ve talked before about the importance of choosing the right art for a retail store design. The pictures on the walls in any shop not only reinforce its brand and inform its overall atmosphere, but can affect the way customers feel about their experience from the moment they walk in…. Read More.

New York City isn’t exactly know as a place for outdoor enthusiasts. Many of the best reasons to visit or live in New York–galleries, museums, restaurants, shopping, theater–are indoors. But if you prefer to spend the warm summer months with the sun shining on your face (we don’t blame you!) there are still many ways to enjoy New York outdoors, too. One of our favorites is touring the city’s many outdoor art events that take place each summer season. Here’s a quick rundown of a few of the best…. Read More.

In our opinion, the best wall art is the personal kind: pieces that have a connection with or showcase the personality of the homeowner. When wall art has sentimental value or makes a personal statement it has the capacity to change a space from a stark room to an inviting home…. Read More.