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Before and After Photos from Recent ILevel Projects

Why are before and after photos so satisfying? Maybe it’s because we like to see order emerging from chaos, or we enjoy looking at the results of a job well done. ILevel project sites are busy places, and while we always get the shot of the finished project, we don’t always capture the scene before the ILevel art installers work their magic. In these recently completed project photos, you’ll see ILevel’s professional picture hangers transforming New York City apartments, before and after, one wall at a time.  

Family Photo Walls, ILevel’s Bread & Butter

I’ll kick things off with this multi-generational family photo wall with a mix of black & white and color photos in eclectic frames. Large portraits of the matriarch and patriarch anchor this dynamic wall that even includes the family dog. As you know from previous posts, laying the arrangement out on the floor is one key to design success (and minimizing unwanted holes in the wall). The variety of types of photos, poses, and people featured in this wall make it very intriguing to look at. Here it is on the floor, and on the wall.

Family photos before installationA collection of family photos displayed on a wall









Photos of Tantalizing Treats

Here we see a large installation of photos of food, from cakes and pies to pasta and a crown rib roast. While we didn’t obey the 3 second rule, this salon installation is delicious to look at, first on the floor, and reflected in this mirror after installation on the wall.

Photos of food before installation on the wall
photos of food arranged on a wall reflected in a mirror











A Grid In Progress

Staying with the topic of treats, here’s a grid featuring colorful cocktails. ILevel’s mixologists laid this grid of 48 photos out on the floor, then transferred it to the wall using precise measurements to create this perfectly shaken and stirred design.

a grid design of photographs of cocktails being installed on a wall

a grid installation of 48 photos of colorful cocktails





And a Pop of Color

This print of colored squares brings life to this otherwise neutral room. We love how simple changes can make a big impact.

neutral living room waiting for the installation of a colorful printneutral living room with one colorful print installed over a TV









You too can have a satisfying before and after experience with your walls. Just call ILevel at 212.477.4319 or email info@ilevel.biz to make an appointment!


Hanging Art in a Perfect Circle

As professional art installers, hanging complicated wall art is actually a lot of fun for us. It presents a challenge outside of the everyday, and it’s exciting to come up with a solution that works, and have a satisfied client at the end of it all.

This next project certainly falls into the category of “complicated wall art” installations. Not that it was an impossible job, it just required a little more care and precision than if we were hanging a few family photos. Why? Because the singular art piece in question was actually made up of more than two dozen different pieces of plexiglass. Plus, the shape of the piece was a perfect circle, meaning not only did each piece have to be exactly spaced and level, but when finished, the entire work as a whole had to be just the right shape.

Here’s a visual overview of how it happened.

wall art hanging New York
First, we laid the work out on the floor to measure it and get a sense of the spacing between each piece. We worked off of the floor arrangement segment-by-segment. 

Then we marked the outer borders of the circle on the wall, and then used a level and tape measure to hang the mural on piece at a time. 

The process was actually simple, but it was just a little more time consuming than a standard installation given the importance of precise spacing. 

In the end, the time and effort was worth it: This piece completely reinvents the all-white staircase where it’s hung.


Creating an Art Gallery on a Brick Wall

A brick wall is a unique accent that instantly adds character to a home — but it can also present challenges when it  comes to decorating. Hanging wall art and photos on brick is not as easy as simply nailing a picture hanger into a stud or screwing an anchor into some drywall. It takes a little bit more planning and effort to display art on a masonry surface like brick, plaster, or concrete … but it can be done. We recently created an art gallery on a brick wall for one of our clients and it turned out beautifully. 

art gallery on a brick wall

There are two ways to effectively hang your art on a brick wall, and the one you choose will depend on what sort of art you plan to hang, and whether or not you are OK with putting holes in your brick wall. 

The first way to hang art on brick is to use spring clips. This hardware essentially latches on to the top and bottom of the individual bricks. While this is a perfectly fine solution for lightweight pieces, or inexpensive works, if you have fine art or large, heavy pieces, it’s better to use the second method, which is drilling into the wall itself.

art on a brick wall

To do this, you’ll need a masonry drillbit, plastic anchors that match the size of the drillbit, a hammer, and screws. It’s important to note that you should only drill into the mortar,of the wall, not the actual brick itself. If the brick cracks, it could end up costing a lot of money to replace and even interfere with the integrity of the wall. Once you drill your hole, insert the plastic anchor like you would if you were hanging art on drywall, and lightly tap it with a hammer until it’s  flush. Then, screw in a screw and hang your art. 

Need help with your art hanging project? Get in touch with ILevel at info@ilevel.biz.