37 East 7th Street, NYC
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Tour our East Village Studio Space

A few weeks ago we had the honor of sitting down with the wonderful folks at Manhattan Sideways, a site dedicated to uncovering and sharing the unique restaurants, boutiques, galleries and studios tucked away along the city’s side streets.

We spoke with Betsy, the site’s editor, about how our owner, David Kassel, founded his business in the 1980s after working at the Guggenheim and noticing an art-purchasing frenzy that lead him to the revelation that perhaps, like the museums, all of these fine art collectors needed someone to hang their art for them as well.

We told her about the growth of our business, and how after bouncing around to a few tucked-away office spaces over the years, our team finally settled into 37 E 7th street, into a first-floor space that now also serves as our studio and a representation of the expansion of the business into both an art installer and an art curator.

If you haven’t been to our new space yet, especially if you’re a longtime client we often talk to over the phone, we implore you to come in and check it out! We’ve got work from our favorite local artists (including many of our staff), rotating exhibitions, and collections for purchase, plus a comfortable seating area where we can pore over the details of your next project.

Here are a few of Betsy’s photos of the space in the meantime.


ilevel art installation east village studio

ilevel east village studio

It’s also definitely worth mentioning that we love the site’s mission to support the city’s thousands of small businesses, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, Manhattan Sideways is a must-read even for New Yorkers who have been in the city for decades, since so much is constantly changing in different New York neighborhoods.

And if you’re curious, you can read the whole Manhattan Sideways profile on ILevel, here.


Now Trending: Ink Blot Wall Art

Just like all things home decor, wall art is subjected to trends each season. (Just think about all of the typography-inspired prints and marquee lights we’ve seen over the last few years!). While we don’t always love everything that’s considered to be the latest and greatest, there is one trend lately that has us captivated: Ink blot wall art. It’s an offshoot of the ink-blot trend that’s taken hold in other decorative elements like textiles and wallpaper recently, and also happens to be a perfect complement to many of the abstract geometric prints that are also en vogue at the moment.

An inkblot -print chair from ABC Home.

An inkblot -print chair from ABC Home.

Our affinity for the trend goes beyond looks, however: we love the substance behind the ink-blot prints as well. Of course, if you know anything about psychology, then you know that inkblots were actually developed in the 1960s by Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach, who used the random designs made by ink blots–and they way they were perceived–as a way to gauge the mental state of his patients. The method was eventually dubbed “The Rorschach Test.”

We’ve seen dozens of reproductions of these prints lately … but given their intended purpose, we maintain that there’s no substitute for (or better dinner party conversation starter) than original Rorschach inkblots. We were recently able to track down a one-of-a-kind set of 10 prints from 1948, and it’s currently for sale as part of our ILevel studio collection. The prints are already in handmade white archival shadow frames, and would make the perfect collection for an entertaining space like a living or dining area (like we said, it’s a great conversation starter!). If you love inkblot wall art as much as we do, the set is a must see!

original rorschach inkblot prints

Stop by our studio 37 East 7th street in New York City to take a look at the collection in person.


New Pieces in the ILevel Studio Collection

One of the most exciting parts about our new retail office space is that we’ll be able to showcase our beautiful studio collections, which are available to purchase as complete sets. Each art, sculpture or object collection is hand-picked and custom-curated by our team of art experts, guaranteeing that they’ll instantly add a dose of style, personality and sophistication to your space. Take a look at a few of our latest collections hanging in the new space, below, or stop by our new office at 37 East 7th street in Manhattan to see them for yourself.

1940s Cyanotypes
Cyanotypes from a sample book with stitched lace swatches. Set of four in white frames. 22” x 15”

Photo by Morgan Ione Yeager, commerical photography, advertising photography, NYC food Photographer, interior photographer, iLevel, gallery

Photos by Morgan Ione Yeager

Original Rorschach Psycho Diagnostic Plates (Far right)
A complete set of ten plates in white frames. 1948 Edition. 9.5” x 12.5”

rorschach prints for purchase

Landscape Photograph Collection
Thirty-nine mostly black and white, vintage, landscape photographs in handmade black wood frames. From 7.5” x 5.25” to 3.75” x 3”

Landscape black and white photo collection

Rare Blue and White Plate Collection (Far Left)
18 assorted English, Japanese, Mexican, and American blue and white plates, a mix of antique and modern. With plate hangers. 6” to 12.25” diameter

art collections for purchase

Japanese Gold Leaf Samples
Ten mid-century pages in brown frames. 18” x 14”


Medicine Bottles with Wall Wedges
Fourteen 1960s brown medicine bottles with wall wedges. 4.5 “ to 9” tall (excluding wall wedge).

vintage medicine bottle collection

Antler Collection
Set of six antlers mounted on wood plaques, various sizes

Vintage antler collection for purchase

While we try and display as many of our collections in our studio as we can, there are dozens of other collections not seen here, including vintage Kimono designs, antique French fabric samples, vintage baseball mitts, salvaged glass, original artwork, and more! Stop in to see photos, or get in touch with us at info@ilevel.biz.