ILevel, Manhattan’s best art hanging service also installs mirrors. When properly placed, mirrors bring light and spaciousness to any room. View this gallery of our recent mirror installations…. Read More.

A large mirror on a wall shows how mirrors make rooms look bigger

Each month we work with dozens of different clients on a wide variety of projects — from installing art at a Chelsea gallery, to hanging photos for a family in a new home, to arranging wall decor  around a restaurant. No two projects are alike, which is why it’s always fun to share a little bit of what we’ve been working on. Here are a few of our favorite recent picture hanging projects. … Read More.

One of the biggest wall art trends we’ve seen over the last few years isn’t even technically “wall art” at all. More and more, both our clients and the interior designers we work with are opting to display wall “collections” instead. Whether it’s a large set of vintage bottles, a collection of road signs, or an assortment of straw hats, the category of what constitutes wall art is ever-expanding. … Read More.