One of the biggest wall art trends we’ve seen over the last few years isn’t even technically “wall art” at all. More and more, both our clients and the interior designers we work with are opting to display wall “collections” instead. Whether it’s a large set of vintage bottles, a collection of road signs, or an assortment of straw hats, the category of what constitutes wall art is ever-expanding. … Read More.

Since we’re based in New York City, where a “large” apartment is considered anything with more than one bedroom or over 700 square feet, we’re very familiar with working in tight quarters: Studios, loft spaces, converted co-ops, we’ve arranged art in them all…. Read More.

We got a chance to chat with Brooklyn interior designer Allie Bocon, formerly of Jeffrey Bilhuber, now the owner of her own firm, Collected, about her design philosophy, favorite resources in New York City and, of course, what’s hanging on her walls…. Read More.