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Recent Art Installations: A Tilted Mirror, A Bathroom Gallery Wall & Art Above the Bed

We’re lucky in that, in our line of work, no two days have literally ever been quite the same. Sure, most days involve hanging and arranging art, but one day, we may be installing fine art in a Manhattan apartment, the next, we might be out in the Hamptons hanging a family photo wall or down in Chelsea setting up an art gallery installation. Here are a few photos from some of our favorite recent art installations in New York. 

A tilted mirror above a fireplace. 

hang a tilted mirror

We love when work takes us outside of the city to a historic home in the suburbs, as was the case for this antique mirror hanging project. The mirror was ever so slightly too large for the space, so we installed it at a tilt to allow it to fit, which also creates a unique focal point for the room and helps bounce light around the room. 

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Art above the bed.

new york art installer

The space above the bed is one of the more common places we hang art for our clients, but this project was unique in that the client was using their four-poster bed as a frame of sorts. We hung three complementary pieces within the “frame” and a set of four prints above the top rail. 

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A gallery wall in the bathroom.

art installations nyc

This last project involved hanging a gallery wall in a unique arrangement that lead the eye up the wall and made the most of the extra-high ceilings in a suburban bathroom. We loved the individuality of the project — the bathroom venue for the gallery wall, vintage art prints, and the shape of the arrangement were all quite unique. 

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ILevel at the Kips Bay Decorator Show House 2017

Each year we look forward to the Kips Bay Decorator show house for a number of reasons. First, of course, because it brings together some of the world’s foremost interior design talent to show off their skills under one roof, and all for the worthy cause of supporting the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. On a more personal level, we also love the show because it also gives us a chance to meet and work with some of these incredible designers and architects, sometimes for the first time. We’ve been helping designers hang artwork in their room designs for years now, and because the roster of Kips Bay Designers is different each year, so too are the people we work with. 

For 2017, we had the honor of lending a hand in the rooms of Dineen Architecture and Design and Richard Mishaan. 

Dineen was responsible for one of the bedrooms in the home, which featured a number of fun twists (like the draped curtains around the headboard and the swing between the windows) despited its sophisticated scheme. One of our favorite elements of the space: the round concave mirror we hung from Bernd Goeckler Antiques in Manhattan.  

kips bay show house 2017

Image by Peter Rymwid for Dineen Architecture. 

Image by Peter Rymwid for Dineen Architecture.

Image by Peter Rymwid for Dineen Architecture.

Richard Mishaan created a stunning Turkish-inspired room that was unlike anything we’d ever seen. We loved his decision to layer artwork over the intricate, custom-made wallpaper, which underscored the collected look the designer was going for. 

kips bay show house 2017

Image via Architectural Digest

The show takes place at 125 East 65th Street (Between Park & Lexington Avenues) and runs through Thursday, June 1st, 2017. Tickets are $40 and can be purchased at the Kips Bay Show House website or at the door. 

Can’t make it in person? To see more photos from the show, take a look at the Architectural Digest slideshow, here, or follow along on social media with the hashtags #kipsbaydecoratorshowhouse and #kipsbayshowhouse17.


Beautiful examples of Art Above the Fireplace

If there’s a fireplace in a room, then there’s a good chance it’s also the focal point of the space: the feature around which you plan the room’s layout and orient your furniture. That also means that the fireplace–and the space above it–instantly becomes an important visual element of the room design, too. We say, take the opportunity to use this prime real estate to show off your very best art above the fireplace. Here are some photos from our client projects that have done just that.

In a bedroom in an old home, the homeowners took a cue from the antique style of the fireplace and chose classic artwork in an elegant gold frame. 

The same goes for this simple fireplace setup in a New York home. Both the art and frame echo the linear, clean-lined design of the fireplace, and the piece is well proportioned both to the fireplace itself (it’s almost the exact same size as the fireplace box) and the space between the windows. 

art above the fireplace

This next photo shows off a beautiful solution for fireplaces situated on a long wall with open space on either side. In this home, which we worked on in conjunction with One King’s Lane, the oversized mural above the fireplace is just a piece of a larger art arrangement the perfectly fills out the wall. The key to making it work: choosing similarly sized art to flank the fireplace. 

Image via One King’s Lane

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