One of the many benefits of having a picture or work of art custom-framed is the attention to not only just the front of the frame and the look of the finished product, but the back of the frame and the preservation of the art. The pros know that taking a few extra steps on the back of a picture frame can help protect the work inside for years to come. … Read More.

We get to work with some incredibly talented people here at ILevel. Bunny Williams, Martha Stewart, Jamie Drake, Miles Redd and Victoria Hagan are just a few that jump to mind. It’s always an honor to be called upon by such forces in the design world, but even more so when then project has a personal connection.
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The beauty of gallery walls is that there’s really no right or wrong way to create one. You can fashion a gallery wall to suit virtually any design style or personal taste, from eclectic mash-ups of different genres and frame styles, to perfectly symmetrical, color-coordinating walls that follow a well-planned décor scheme…. Read More.