Last week, we talked about one of the most persistent wall-art arranging trends we’ve seen in the last few years: the gallery wall. But this week, we’re going to focus on an emerging technique we’re seeing more and more. It’s similar to the gallery wall in that multiple pictures are displayed, but the approach is fresh: we’re talking about hanging art on a picture rail. … Read More.

They say August is the Sunday of summer, which means that fall is beginning to creep around the corner…and we’re excited about it! As much as we love summer, fall in New York City is one of the best and most beautiful times of year. The weather is slightly cooler, but still warm enough to enjoy being outside, the trees in Central Park begin to change, and there are a host of great happenings and events to look forward to. … Read More.

Summer is one of our favorite times here at ILevel, because we’re often called out of the city to install artwork and photos in beach houses and lakeside retreats around the New York area. Not only do these projects make for beautiful surroundings (and a scenic commute), but the style of the homes and artwork we’re installing are often much different than the urban city spaces we work in most often…. Read More.