When it comes to arranging wall art, most people tend to go with the most popular option: nailing it to the wall. While this might be the most logical and popular solution, it’s not necessarily the only one, or the best one. There are plenty of creative ways to arrange wall art if you actually step back and consider the possibilities…. Read More.

True, it’s only September and the new year is still a ways away, but fashion week in New York has reminded us that the design worlds are always looking a few seasons ahead. Plus, with our constant immersion in wall art and decor through our client projects, we’ve already spotted some key wall art trends that are set to blow up next year. So we’ve decided to put together our list of predictions for what everyone will be hanging on their walls in 2016. … Read More.

We’re always on the lookout for new and creative ideas for hanging pictures that we might not have thought of ourselves. One of our favorite resources for researching new ideas is, of course, Pinterest. From DIY jobs to professional-quality art installations, there’s always a plethora of inspiration to be had…. Read More.