Last week, we covered four different wall art hanging techniques–from contemporary cable systems, to old-fashioned D-rings. But, besides choosing the correct style of picture hanging hardware for the style of your space and the type of art you’re hanging, it’s also important to choose the proper strength hardware, and the right reinforcements. Choosing picture hanging hardware in the right strength is the best way to ensure you’ll hang pictures securely…. Read More.

Running out of room to hang your art and photos? Don’t rule out the potential extra space created by floor-to-ceiling windows and mirrored walls. While they may not be the first spot most people think to hang art in their homes, doing so can add a beautiful and unexpected element to a room. We’ve outlined three ways we hang art and photos on a mirrored or glass wall, below…. Read More.

When people think about what to hang on their walls, they usually think in terms of one of three categories: art, mirrors or photos. While all of these things make great additions to any home, it can sometimes be fun to think outside the box about what to put on your walls…. Read More.