We’re always on the lookout for new and creative ideas for hanging pictures that we might not have thought of ourselves. One of our favorite resources for researching new ideas is, of course, Pinterest. From DIY jobs to professional-quality art installations, there’s always a plethora of inspiration to be had…. Read More.

There are certain artists, motifs, and styles we see crop up over and over again on the walls of our clients. Though some of this ubiquitous decor can certainly be chalked up to trends (like typography or neon light art), other style remain popular simply because their classic beauty will never go out of fashion. … Read More.

There are certain places in the home that naturally lend themselves to, or even beg for, wall art. The areas usually offer a great big blank canvas, like a staircase or hallway, or serve as a natural focal point in a room, like the space directly above your sofa (or right behind it, if it’s not directly against the wall)… Read More.