When you move into a new home, the idea of filling hundreds of square footage of blank walls can seem daunting. You are faced with questions like what pieces to hang where, whether certain works should hang solo or be clustered together, and of course, how to determine the ratio of blank wall space to that which is filled with art…. Read More.

One of our favorite projects here at ILevel is creating family photo walls. It’s always fun to sit down with our clients and sort through their photo archives, looking for the best snapshots to display, and then creating something beautiful from them. The family photo wall is also one of our most popular projects, but it’s rare that we end up with two walls that are alike…. Read More.

Stairways are a great piece of wall art real estate, and it’s our opinion that no stairway should go undecorated. The idea is becoming a trend too: we’re not only seeing a ton of images of these projects on places like Houzz and Pinterest, but our clients are requesting them more often, too. … Read More.